Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom

Upper Elementary

Welcome to SHS Upper Elementary Division!

Since 1992, we have ventured on an exciting educational journey filled with hope for a better world for our ever striving and determined students. Quality education has shaped our identity and allowed us to continue steering this institution towards continuous success in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our educational journey is marked with determination to educate, nurture and equip our students with the best tools and skills to ensure lifelong learners and successful citizens while enjoying and appreciating the opportunity to learn.

We, at SHS, are determined to raise wise, open minded Sagessian citizens who are principled, courageous, balanced, caring and independent. Our students, the Sagessians, will be exemplary students in today’s world. They will honor their word, have values, reflect the image of a good citizen and fear God. They will develop into confident young individuals who are ready to face any obstacles and will follow their own footsteps to succeed.

Indeed, our 31-year-old story is a successful story; a story of commitment, dedication, hard work, achievement, hope and love.  The success of our school lies in the continuous support and collaboration of our stakeholders; students, parents, faculty and staff not to mention the great leadership of our Rector. Our faith, hope and belief in our students and in their abilities to succeed where ever they go and in whatever they do never falters. Our students know the meaning of hard work, perseverance and success.

 We have planted the seeds of good ethics and a sense of belonging in our students. Belonging, not only to our school community, but to an everchanging world hoping that our young Sagessians will one day flourish into exemplary leaders who will guide the world with honesty and resilience.

Looking forward to a very fruitful 2023-2024 academic year!

God bless our school, Sagesse High School Mary Mother of Wisdom.


Juhaina Abu Khalil

Head of Upper Elementary Division.